Studio Kai Linke
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Mirror Chair
Product information:
mirrored monoblock plastic chair
No. 1   h89 x 62 x 73cm
No. 2   h64 x 55 x 60cm
No. 3   h89 x 68 x 64cm
No. 4   h88 x 50 x 36cm

Limited Edition of 5
Price on request

Visual information:
File: Pic 1
Photographer: Dolores Esteve

Mirror Chair
"Mirror Chairs" is an edition that so far includes 4 different charis. The general idea behind this session was deformation. In detail the strange new froms that occurred by using different camera effects fascinated me. These new objects I rebuilt with monoblock chairs. The new formed charis wet a total different meaning and each one of them has it's own very special identity which sometimes even appears poetic like the two chairs that seam to embrace themselves. Due to the fact that some of the chairs are hard or nearly impossible to use as normal seating objects it allows many thoughts in between. 
“Men are catoptric animals, that is, animals that have had experience with mirrors“, says Umberto Eco. We are the only animals capable of using the mirror as an instrument, by using its reflective properties to our advantage and for our pleasure. Kai Linke developped a series of chairs that take advantage of the properties of reflection to create a unicum generated by two identical halves. According to a Zen proverb, beauty is the deliberate and partial interruption of symmetry, but not this time.“
by Luca Spagnolo/Patamagazine